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Rainbow Ranch Trout - Save-the-ranch
Rainbow Ranch Closed Forever

Help Save Rainbow Ranch

When construction of Rainbow Ranch first began in 1971, we met with officials from the Georgia Department of Transportation regarding their future plans for Georgia highway 20 and the bridge over the Chattahoochee River. The Department of Transportation indicated that the highway would be widened and a new bridge built at some point in the future, but that the work would be on the north side of the existing road in order to straighten a very dangerous curve in the road. With this information, the Rainbow Ranch pump house, equipment sheds, home and office were positioned on the property so that we could optimize use of the land.

Now the long overdue widening of Georgia highway 20 and the construction of a new bridge over the Chattahoochee River threatens the continued operation of Rainbow Ranch. As the project is currently engineered, the new bridge and roadway will be on the Rainbow Ranch side of the existing road. The design takes three plus acres of land from Rainbow Ranch. This taking will destroy the pump house supplying water to the ponds, the water distribution controller, one of the ponds, the picnic shelter, and many old, stately trees along with other parts of our infrastructure.

Why the change? Since those early days, the National Park Service gained control of some of the riverfront land on the north side of the road in Gwinnett County. When the Georgia Department of Transportation approached the National Park Service to see about building the road and bridge on the north side in exchange for constructing amenities, the Park Service turned them down.

It is good that the Chattahoochee River is a part of the National Park Service. Protection of this important natural resource is critical. The National Park Service has a motto, "Experience Your America", but due to very limited access into the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, portions of the park below Buford Dam cannot be experienced by the public. This lack of public access leads to illegal and unsafe parking along roadways, trespassing across private property and a diminished ability for people to use this wonderful park. The Georgia Department of Transportation was willing to build access in exchange for the land, something that the cash strapped National Park Service should have jumped at. Safe ingress and egress from the highway to the park, a straighter safer road, and increased accessibility of the park could all have been achieved if only the National Park Service had accepted the offer from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

We encourage you, our loyal customers as well as those of you who have not yet dropped by, to let your voices be heard in this matter. Please get in contact with your representatives in the State House and in Washington along with the Honorable Governor Deal, the Georgia Department of Transportation, The National Park Service and the White House.

Read the letter that Robert Hice, the owner and son of the founders of Rainbow Ranch has sent to Governor Nathan Deal. (Acrobat Reader required, opens in a new tab or window)

Below are several links to help you get in contact with various officials and agencies.


Closed Forever Due to Eminent Domain for the widening of GA 20.

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